May 23 2022

Making this upgrade in the quality of your analysis might be a little overwhelming at the beginning. And that’s why our Sales Team gives every client an onboarding in which they explain all the features Coach Paint offers. Besides that, we have multi-lingual tutorials to solve the most frequently asked questions.

These are the most valuable tips our Sales Team can give to a beginner user:
1) The first step to start working with Coach Paint would be to enable the flexible importation of all clips’ formats you’d like to analyze.
2) Once you have your clips, apply Chroma Key (it’ll allow all the graphics to work properly under the players).
3) After that, apply the Pitch Calibration (this will make the 3D tools visible, enable the measurements and provide a better perspective of the graphics). Here is a tip: check the entire videos with the calibration turned on and make any manual adjustments if necessary.
4) Start playing with all the features and presets available until you discover which are the most valuable tools for your needs.
5) Telestrate your creation and make a final revision before exporting it with an easy-to-identify name.

Regarding the most commonly used features according to our users’ feedback, we could group them into 3 levels of use.

The most used are:
– Pause
– Cursors
– Arrows
– Zones
– Text tools

The second most used are:
– Zoom
– Players View
– Cut Out
– Formation Tool

And the third most used are:
– Offside
– Distance and Time Counters
– Speed and Distance Measurements

It’s important to highlight that the most used tools (first level) are included in all Coach Paint Plans, including Basic.

These are other tips we can give you to get started:
– Check the software/hardware requirements to run Coach Paint on your computer.
– Try to not have other apps running at the same time you’re using Coach Paint for a better experience.
– Customize all the broadcast-quality graphics with your club’s colors (it’ll take you no more than 3 clicks).
– Create profiles with the different kit’s colors of your team (for example, home and away) and save them.

The UI experience is pretty intuitive. It was designed to save our users’ time. That’s why you only need a few clicks to apply any tool. Anyway, if you have any doubts when using our tool, our Support Team is always ready to help you.

Watch the most used features in action: