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We are looking for an Engineer to help us build and deliver our sport and broadcast oriented products driven by our customer’s expectations - secure, up & running, delivering new features often and seamlessly.

An AWS Cloud Engineer is a position focusing development of distributed cloud applications in the AWS environment that focus on sport data and media processing and delivery. Our products are targeting important clients playing major roles in the sports industry: top soccer and baseball leagues, horse racing organizations but also universities and schools where new talents are potentially growing up.

If you have a background or interest in software development for cloud environments, are advocating high quality code with good test coverage and if you are considering yourself as a team player, we’d like to meet you.

Must Haves:

- Proven software development experience
- Ability to design clean software architecture
- Focus on high quality code and clean API design
- Experience with Unit testing methodologies
- Design Pattern knowledge
- Adoption of Scrum and Agile methodologies
- Knowledge of basic development tooling: JIRA, Git, Jenkins
- Experience with developing of distributed cloud systems

Nice to Haves

- Hands on experience with AWS Cloud services
- Knowledge of GRPC
- Experience with Java/Kotlin programming languages
- Ability to perform root-cause analysis
- Ability to help development team with automation
- A fan of the kaizen (continuous improvement in small steps) culture
- Soft-skills - communication, project management skills

Not to Haves

- Non systematic approach, e.g. unwilling to follow the process, make documentation
- Blindness to repeating issues
- Preferring manual-repeated work over automation
- “It works for me”, or “fixed, let’s forget about it” mindset
- Satisfied with doing tasks in a hacky - tech-debt introducing way

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