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The company is building a cloud-based data delivery platform over its unique tracking technology. The aim is to produce modern, SaaS, cloud solutions. This is a challenging program as we are laying foundations of the company technology in the cloud for the next decade, if not for the next generation.


Our vision is to have highly-available and secure products, frequently delivering compelling features to our customers. Way to achieve this is through a systematic approach combining systems and software engineering. We would like to be in full control of our systems, and we don’t like toil. We would like to know about problems before our customers are impacted, we don’t like repeating issues, neither short-term solutions a.k.a. more future problems which are waiting for the worst timing. And automation is a must.


Our primary focus is on deep understanding of our customer needs, and our technology stack. We do primarily automation, incidents prevention, resolving them, and learning from them.

The Team:

The team is built from scratch from experienced and skilled professionals. You have an opportunity to determine the future of the Tracab cloud.

Cloud Operations:

We are looking for a Cloud Operations Engineer to help us build our products driven by our customer’s expectations - secure, up & running, delivering new features often and seamlessly.

A Cloud Operation Engineer is a person with a passion for automation, adopting a highly consistent working style, willing to identify, solve production issues, and learn from them.

If you have a solid background in system and software engineering and are familiar with any cloud stack (seniors), or willing to gain expertise in the field (juniors), we’d like to meet you.

Must Haves:

- System and software engineering experience (seniors) / education, or at least interest (juniors)

- (Seniors) ability to design secure and highly-available systems / (juniors) ability to understand and work with complex or distributed systems

- Algorithmization and scripting ability (Bash, Python, PowerShell, or any programming language)

- Experience (seniors) / basics and willingness to learn (juniors) with public cloud (mainly AWS)

- (Seniors) ability to perform root-cause analysis / (juniors) problem-solving attitude

- Willingness to participate on on-call duty rotations

Nice to Have:

- Strong focus on security or ethical hacking

- Cloud ops experience - design procedures for troubleshooting, preparing run books, executing game days, running chaos monkeys, feature flagging, canary releases

- A fan of the post-mortem (lessons learned) culture

- Experience with large-scale or distributed systems, SOA

- Soft-skills - communication, project management skills

- Interest in SRE, DevOps, e.g. read a book (Site Reliability Engineering, The Project Phoenix etc.), or read a blog, watch a vlog, listen to podcasts about it

- Keep pace in fast, constantly changing environment - old (systems, technologies, procedures) is discarded and new is implemented constantly, changes are implemented as we constantly grow and learn

- Oncall duty rotations are mandatory

Not to Have:

The position is not suitable for a person who is in general not thinking in a long term:

- With not a systematic approach, e.g. unwilling to follow the process, make documentation, blind to repeating issues, preferring manual-repeated work over automation

- With “It works for me”, or “fixed, let’s forget about it” mindset

- Satisfied with doing tasks in a hacky - tech-debt introducing way, for example, finishing things until the state they “somehow works” and moving on without getting the technology under control

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