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We are looking for a DevOps Engineer to help us build and deliver our sport and broadcast oriented products driven by our customer’s expectations - secure, up & running, delivering new features often and seamlessly.

A DevOps Engineer is a person with a passion for automation, adopting a highly consistent working style, willing to identify, solve build issues, and learn from them.

If you have a solid background in building delivery pipelines or DevOps and are familiar with any release stack (seniors), or willing to gain expertise in the field (juniors), we’d like to meet you.

Must Haves:

- Software or release engineering experience (seniors) / basics or interest (juniors)
- Ability to design releasing systems (seniors) / ability to understand and work with complex releasing systems (juniors)
- Algorithmization and scripting ability (Groovy, Python, PowerShell, or any programming language)
- Experience (seniors) / basics and willingness to learn (juniors) with automation software (Jenkins, GitLab CI, Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions, any other similar automation software)
- (Seniors) ability to perform root-cause analysis / (juniors) problem-solving attitude
- Ability (seniors) or willingness (juniors) to help development team with automation

Opportunities to Learn

- Release Engineering - building and deploying complex systems at scale, DevOps practices
- AWS, cloud philosophy
- Linux, Windows, networking basics
- Groovy and Python
- Release automation (Git & Jenkins)
- Docker and AWS ECS/EKS
- Possibility of full or partial transition from/to SRE

Nice to Haves

- Experience with releasing C++, Java, C#/.NET, or JS/TS/NodeJS applications
- Experience with MS Windows, SQL, noSQL databases, or MQs
- Advanced release concepts experience - releases of SaaS, releases to cloud, feature flagging, canary releases
- A fan of the kaizen (continuous improvement in small steps) culture
- Experience with large-scale or distributed systems, SOA
- Soft-skills - communication, project management skills
- Interest in SRE, DevOps, e.g. read a book about DevOps (The Project Phoenix etc.), or read a blog, watch a vlog, listen to podcasts about it

Not to Haves

- Non systematic approach, e.g. unwilling to follow the process, make documentation
- Blindness to repeating issues
- Preferring manual-repeated work over automation
- “It works for me”, or “fixed, let’s forget about it” mindset
- Satisfied with doing tasks in a hacky - tech-debt introducing way

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