Jan 08 2024

On the evening of December 9th, the Columbus Crew lifted the MLS Cup trophy, marking a triumphant first year for TRACAB as the official tracking provider for MLS.

Our world-leading Optical Tracking System was deployed in every MLS stadium in early 2023. Collaborating with our partners at Sportec Solutions, we played a pivotal role in delivering real-time ball and player tracking data across all 517 games. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the TRACAB operational teams in Cologne and Brno for their successful remote productions throughout the entire season. Additionally, immense gratitude to the teams at MLS, and Sportec Solutions for their outstanding cooperation.

As I write this, we have also wrapped up another successful season with the J-League in partnership with DataStadium, along with numerous major tournaments in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Saudi Arabia, among others. Furthermore, we’ve completed the first halves of our European leagues: Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2, LaLiga EA Sports, La Liga Hypermotion, Eredivisie, and PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa—with great success. A huge thanks to all of our league partners for another fantastic year of partnership.

So, what does the new year promise as we continue to drive innovation in football tracking? Well, the answer is plenty—and it’s thrilling.

In the coming year, we’ll begin delivering live skeletal tracking and visualizations to MLS and Bundesliga using our latest generation tracking system, with more leagues to follow suit. This technology will unlock a wide range of new possibilities for leveraging our data’s value, ranging from SAOT (Semi-Automatic Offside Technology) for federations to immersive AR experiences for broadcasters, video gamers, and fans. We’re eagerly anticipating the rollout of these innovations during 2024.

Simultaneously, we’re gearing up to introduce our new video and analysis platform, The Vault, empowering teams and analysts by amalgamating tracking data, event data, video, and visualizations—both live and post-game.

Coach Paint, our video analysis software, continues to be a pivotal element in our product lineup. We’re witnessing a growing demand for telestration tools in academies, colleges, and grassroots clubs. To meet this demand, we’ll be launching a simpler entry-level version of Coach Paint during 2024 under the brand Coach Paint Lite.

Beyond football, we’ve had an exceptional year in Horse Tracking. Our Horse Tracking System (HTS) was successfully implemented in Norway with Rikstoto and in Sweden with ATG and Kanal75 for harness racing. Additionally, our team showcased our system for horse racing in Sydney, Australia, achieving tremendous success.

Our commercial and marketing teams are presently involved in rebranding HTS, with plans to introduce our system to the primary horse racing territories in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East in 2024.

As one year draws to a close and another promising one emerges, I extend my warm wishes for a Happy New Year to all our clients, partners, and staff. I eagerly look forward to advancing our products with each of you, creating even more value in 2024.










Martin Brogren
General Manager, TRACAB