Nov 03 2022

We all know being a coach or video analyst is not an easy job. One thing is to have the strategy inside your head, and one completely different thing is to be able to transmit that strategy to your team and get everyone in sync.

And here is where Coach Paint makes your life a little bit easier: with our more than 40 different outputs, you can graphically explain your plan and analysis. Besides, we included in Coach Paint 9.5 the brand-new Multi-Angle Telestration, which allows our users to place graphics on a clip and sync others, showing the same passage of play from different camera angles.

The Multi-Angle Telestration feature has plenty of advantages, here are just a few of them:

1- It saves you a considerable amount of time: since you have to place the outputs just in one clip, and they’ll be shown in all the synced camera angles. Before this tool, you would have to set the same graphics on each clip with different camera angles, no matter if it was the same time passage of the match. 

2- It allows you to make deeper analyses: since you can check the plays from different camera angles, you’ll be able to see things from a different perspective. Something that seems crystal clear from a camera angle, might not look so evident from another.

3- It engages more with your audience: your presentations will be much more dynamic and look more professional if you use different camera angles to analyze the match.

And a bonus: you can get a free trial of Coach Paint 9.5 and try this new feature! Sign up here, and our Sales Team will reach out to you.

See the Multi-Angle Telestration in action here: