May 10 2023

Telestration is one of the best allies for sports coaches and video analysts. Its usage has a lot of advantages, and it can adapt to almost all sports and budgets.

Here are some of the most important benefits it can bring to your club or league:

Save time:

Telestration is a tool that eases communication between coaches and players. With our AI-powered tools and more than 40 broadcast-quality outputs, coaches and video analysts can easily transmit their ideas and strategies to players.

Enhance player development:

By providing accurate visual feedback, players can understand faster and better areas of improvement and start working on them. This can apply to the whole team, but also individually. It makes feedback sessions much more productive and effective.

Increase fan engagement:

Telestration can also be used to highlight certain plays or strategies to fans on social media. This allows them a better understanding of the game and lets them appreciate the team’s skills even more, enhancing their overall experience.

If you’re doubting about including telestration in your workflow, you can get a 14-day free trial of Coach Paint and discover with your own eyes everything you can achieve with it. Just fill out this short form and our Sales Team will reach out to you shortly to set it up.