Aug 04 2022

You might have heard us talking about Coach Paint’s high-quality outputs, so today, we want to show you why we’re so proud of them.

We’re part of the Chyron family, a global leader in broadcast graphics solutions. So, as you can imagine, we have a ton of experience with professional graphics creation and outputs.

We matched that experience with our sports knowledge and our clients’ needs, and we came up with a great variety of broadcast-quality graphics that help our clients to share their analyses, plans, and strategies easily and engagingly.

Some of our outputs are:

– Cursor Player: highlights a player.
– Cursor with Trail: highlights a player and the path he made.
– Cursor with Arrow: highlights a player and shows with an arrow the path he’s going to follow.
– Cursor Linked: highlights two or more players and joins the distance among them.
– Cursors linked closed: highlights three or more players, joins the distance among them and paints the area they cover.
– Arrow Dotted / Arrow Free / Arrow Free Block / Arrow Trail: different kinds of arrows to show passes, directions, etc.
– Arrow Tool: an arrow that allows you to measure the distance of a pass.
– Light Shaft / Column / Cursor Light: highlights a player’s trail.
– Pitch Zone / Pitch Focus / Grid: highlights specific pitch zones.
– Zoom / Zoom Pan / Zoom Spot: allows you to zoom specific players.
– Zone angle / Eye View: these allow you to see a player’s vision angle, so you can discover the different pass options they have.
– Zone Polygon / Column Zone / Zone Disc: these allow you to make squares or circles in the pitch.
– Trajectory: shows the trajectory of the ball. It’s usually used for mid-range shots.
– Column Offside / Offside / Tackle Box: these allow you to create lines on the pitch to check if a player is in an offside position.
– Tag / Tag Long / Tag Position / Text Box / Text Edit / Lowe Third / Freetext / Label / Logo: tags you can add to a player (for example name, position, player number, logos, etc.).
– Counter: time tracker.
– Counter Distance: distance tracker.
– Slow Motion: this allows you to see a specific play in slow motion.

Discover most of our outputs in action:

And remember, you can try Coach Paint for free here and realize why we’re one of the most chosen video analysis and telestration tools.