May 11 2022

One of Coach Paint 9.3’s key new developments is that our AI features are now available on Windows. So whether you use a Mac or Windows, you can enjoy these two features and benefit from improved workflows and saving valuable time.

You can learn more about our AI features here.

Developing Coach Paint for other sports away from soccer is also a key objective for us. We want coaches and analysts to benefit from brilliant telestration in any sport. Coach Paint 9.3 enables coaches and analysts in American Football to do just that. Our automatic player tracking has been developed to work throughout all aspects of the game, from the line of scrimmage to action down the field.

Coach Paint 9.3 is the only video analysis and telestration platform that can provide player tracking in American Football.

We’re also working on more exciting projects, but one thing is clear: we’re focused on making our users’ jobs easier by providing the most powerful tool possible. That’s why we’re chosen by the most important teams and leagues around the world.

See Automatic Player Tracking for NFL in action:

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