Jun 15 2022

At TRACAB we’re proud to release a new version of Coach Paint. We are always looking for new ways to improve ourselves and bring our clients the most robust video analysis and telestration tool. That’s why this is the third release of 2022, and we have great plans for the rest of the year!

Here are some of the new features and improvements included in Coach Paint 9.4:
– Presentation Window: this is the major feature of this release and it’s included in all of our plans. Now, it is possible to open a clean output window on a secondary screen, which allows our users to telestrate live as they are presenting the video.
– Bulk Import: our users can now import more than one clip at the same time, which saves them a lot of time.
– Change skin: change the skin easily and fast inside Coach Paint, without needing to open the config editor.
– Cut Out Tool Keyframe Support: the cut-out tool will work like any other tool, allowing the user to keyframe its path so they can move from A to B to C and so on (in the past, they could only move from point A to B in a straight line).
– Pitch Zone Tool: this additional tool allows our users to highlight of certain areas of the pitch. This is supported for different sports (all the sports currently available for pitch calibration).
– Shortcut to skip keyframes: with ctrl/cmd + left/right arrow, the user can jump back/forth in the keyframes of the selected tool.

We always listen to our client’s feedback and use that information to keep improving Coach Paint and saving them more of their valuable time.

Get your 14-day free trial of Coach Paint 9.4 here.

Discover the Presentation Window in action (all the graphics were added live):