Oct 05 2022

At Tracab we’re proud to release Coach Paint 9.5, an update of one of the most robust video analysis and telestration software platforms in the world.

The main feature this new release includes is the Multi-Angle Telestration. Our users now will save a significant amount of time as the graphics they place on a clip will also be shown in all the other synced clips, showing the same passage of play from different camera angles. Therefore, they will be able to review the same action from different angles without having to spend a lot of time adding graphics to each video clip.

As always, saving our clients precious time is our main focus. Before Coach Paint 9.5, if our users wanted to attach graphics to two clips showing the same passage of play from different camera angles, they would have needed to:
– Calibrate the pitch on clip 1
– Add graphics to clip 1
– Calibrate the pitch on clip 2
– Add the same graphics to clip 2
And the same would apply to a third clip if they wanted to show the same action from a third angle.

With the new Multi-Angle Telestration all they have to do is:
– Calibrate the pitch on clip 1
– Calibrate the pitch on clip 2
– Sync clip 1 and clip 2

From now on, every 3D graphic that the user adds to either clip 1 or 2 will be automatically added to the other clip. If the user would then want to add a third clip, the same would apply, saving them time to edit each clip.

See the Multi-Angle Telestration in action here:

Another important upgrade in this release is that we incorporated Softball Support. Now users will be able to calibrate and use 3D graphics adapting to the size of the softball pitch.

Finally, we expanded our outputs offer with some new graphic tools, including:
– A ball tool that can be changed according to sport (e.g. football ball, basketball ball, etc.)
– X and O cursors
– Coach Paint logo, which can be customized with any other logo or picture

See the new graphic tools:

We’re excited about this release because it’ll help our customers while saving them time. And do you want to know the best part? You can get a 14-day free trial of Coach Paint 9.5! Just fill out this short form and our Sales Team will reach out to you to set your trial up.