Sep 25 2023

At TRACAB, we’re always seeking to improve and innovate. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we just released Coach Paint 9.7, a major update for our video analysis and telestration software.

This update includes several enhancements such as a lighter storage system (up to 10x less disk space demanding), a new feature to restore clips from previous backups, frame rate transcoding, a new way of changing presets from the timeline, easy clip-splitting via shortcuts and optimization improvements.

It’s important to highlight that, before installing Coach Paint 9.7, our clients should download Coach Paint 9.6.2 (if they haven’t done it before) and back up the latest version of their work since the new storage system will delete old clips. Here is a step-by-step to do it, it’s fast and easy.

Let’s learn more about Coach Paint 9.7 new features:

New disk recorder

With the new disk recorder, Coach Paint will be much lighter for your computer (up to 10x), making it easier to operate. The Dynamic Disk Recorder adapts to your needs in real time. It no longer locks up large amounts of storage space unnecessarily. Your storage space will be used intelligently, ensuring you have room for what matters most.

Restore your backed-up clips

You can import your previously backed-up clips from Coach Paint 9.6.2 in just a few clicks and continue working with this new version.

Frame Rate Transcoding

Effortlessly customize the frame rate of your videos. Choose your desired frame rate in the Config Editor, and our software will take care of the rest. It transcodes your videos to perfectly match your selected frame rate, making editing a breeze for a flawless result.

Change your presets from the timeline

You can effortlessly right-click on the timeline where your animation is located, and a convenient menu will appear, allowing you to change the preset of your animation on the spot. Whether it’s adjusting the cursor style, line type, measurements, tag color, or any other element, you can make these changes seamlessly, without interrupting your creative flow.

Split your long clips into shorter versions

With Coach Paint 9.7, you can seamlessly cut and create new clips, enhancing your video projects with ease, all while staying focused on your creative process. Use our shortcuts to indicate the starting point of the new clip (Control+B or Command+B) and to select the endpoint (Control+F or Command+F), and a new clip will be seamlessly placed in the first available slot, allowing you to continue working on your current clip without interruption.

For a more detailed tutorial on how to use these new features, check this articleFill out this short form to get a 14-day free trial of Coach Paint and unleash your video analysis capabilities.