Aug 23 2022

Did you know that there are more than 8,000 different sports all around the world? Each one with different rules, number of players, pitch, and elements.

Well… having that in mind, could you imagine using just one software to analyze, teach, create strategies and present your ideas for all those sports?

Coach Paint is one of the most chosen video analysis and telestration tools, and it’s so flexible it can be adapted for all kinds of sports, whether they’re individual ones or multi-player, and even for e-sports!

It helps coaches and analysts to improve their team’s performance with AI-fuelled tools like automatic player tracking, automatic pitch calibration, and automatic measurements like speed and distance; more than 40 broadcast-quality outputs; and the Presentation Window, which allows live telestration; among many other features.

Discover Coach Paint in action for different sports:

Besides, it’s highly customizable: we can brand your interface with your most used tools, logo, and colors; and you can include your logo or vendors’ in your clips to engage your audience and even monetize your videos.

Last but not least, all our plans include multi-lingual Support for any doubts you might have.

So, what are you waiting to get a free trial of Coach Paint? Complete this form, and our Sales Team will reach out to you to set up your trial.