May 05 2022

Being the most chosen telestration tool is a great responsibility. We are in touch with our users to listen to their needs, so we can continue developing new tools to help them. When we launched Coach Paint 9.2, back in February 2022, we included useful new features that we want to talk about: Speed and Distance Visualisation.

Here is how they work: when a clip is calibrated (the process in which the user “tells” the software where is the pitch in the video imported), it is possible to know the distance between different points on the pitch. Therefore, following a player as he moves in a clip, Coach Paint can calculate the distance he covers and, given he covers that distance in a certain amount of time, it can also calculate the speed at which he covers that distance.

In practical terms, for those graphic tools that include text and numbers and are linked to a player, it is now possible to add one value of his speed or distance. So our users can now create more compelling presentations, adding more information to their video by showing, for example, the live speed of a player as he is running on the pitch or the top speed the player reached in a sprint.

According to the feedback we’ve been receiving from our users, these new tools are now a must in their presentations. We’ll continue launching more incredible features, so stay tuned for news here.

Discover how these new features work here: