Jul 20 2022

Coach Paint is a flexible tool that can adapt to your workflow quickly and easily, providing you with accurate data, broadcast-quality graphics, and AI-fuelled tools that will save you time and improve your analysis. And, when we say it’s flexible, we’re not kidding: did you know we can custom Coach Paint’s interface to your club’s logo and colors? That is key to engaging with your audience, and it will make you look like a real pro.

Besides, this customization is key if you use Coach Paint on a touchscreen device for presentations. We create a simpler screen for a better user experience, including all the tools you use and your club’s colors. So you can telestrate live faster and easier.

This is possible because of our talented Support Team, who is always ready to listen and help our clients. And the best part: for now, the customization is free for our clients! 

Don’t miss your chance to use and custom one of the most chosen video analysis and telestration tools. You can get a 14-day free trial of Coach Paint here.