Sep 15 2020

STOCKHOLM, Sweden. — September 15, 2020 — TRACAB is pleased to announce its continued partnership with the Dutch Eredivisie in supplying its world-leading sports technologies for the new 2020/21 season. This builds upon two years of successful delivery in providing its TRACAB optical tracking system to the top football league in the Netherlands. Since 2018, the eighteen stadiums of all 18 Dutch Eredivisie clubs have been equipped with the TRACAB computer vision cameras, which use advanced AI and machine learning techniques to capture every movement on the field of play. An average of 25 positions is recorded every second for all players and the ball, which results in more than 3.5 million data points per match. “The Eredivisie is among many top leagues that now rely on TRACAB data to better analyze, understand, and illustrate player and team performance,” said Ian Wray, senior sales director at TRACAB. “It’s exciting to see how the information captured from tracking data is helping to reveal aspects of play that can make the crucial difference and help clubs to learn from their shortcomings and build upon their strengths — ultimately giving fans more exciting and competitive matches. We are also happy to continue supporting Fox Sports in powering their VR application for fan engagement. This relies upon the unique ability of our TRACAB optical tracking system to deliver its data in mere milliseconds, something that is unmatched in the industry and is powering a growing range of other live applications in media and entertainment globally.” All the collected tracking data — such as physical, positional, and tactical data — enables a wide range of applications to enhance fan engagement, as well as drive a brand-new data analysis platform, provided by SciSports. This wealth of data gives coaches, technical directors, and video analysts a single platform and interface for monitoring and analysis. This enables them to evaluate more effectively their own team’s performance, to compare against other teams, as well as identify areas for tactical improvement. In addition, TRACAB is providing Eredivisie clubs with its acclaimed video analysis and presentation tool, Coach Paint, which has become the standard across much of world football. This powerful software enables high-quality graphics visualizations to be very quickly illustrated on top of match videos, helping coaching staff to explain more easily in a visual manner the important aspects of a game. This helps the team as a whole, as well as individual players, to learn more effectively and improve their tactical awareness and skills.