Jun 13 2024
TRACAB’s Gen-6 system outperforms current SAOT vendors in accuracy, reliability and speed, becoming the new best-in-class system for match officials and VARs

We are proud to announce that our Semi-Automated Offside Technology (SAOT) has been officially certified by FIFA. This achievement underscores our commitment to developing state-of-the-art products with the highest quality standards, highest accuracy and lowest latency.

The TRACAB SAOT system utilizes advanced tracking camera technology and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to automatically detect offside situations. It generates a 3D reconstruction of the play, providing VAR teams with a comprehensive 360-degree view to aid in their decision-making process. View the 3D representation here.

FIFA’s rigorous certification process took place at the Merkur-Spiel Arena in Germany and included different tests to evaluate thoroughly the SAOT system’s performance in diverse scenarios:

The tests assessed the accuracy of offside lines, player and ball tracking, 3D reconstruction, and the system’s overall functionality in match situations.

The results of all tests were best-in-class, with FIFA representatives noting the exceptional quality of TRACAB’s live skeleton and ball-tracking capabilities. 

This success is a testament to the collaborative effort of TRACAB’s Operations, Tracking, Engineering, Computer Vision and Machine Learning teams, who worked tirelessly to create this groundbreaking product.

Martin Brogren, General Manager at TRACAB said, “TRACAB was founded in 2006 with the dream of  creating a system that can detect offsides automatically. It is amazing that we now have fulfilled this dream. Our SAOT system is the new best-in-class system on the market for referees and VAR teams. It provides them with the tools they need to make faster, more accurate decisions, ultimately enhancing the fairness and integrity of the game. “

“We are thrilled to receive FIFA’s certification for our semi-automated offside technology,” added Diego Martínez del Campo, Senior Director of Operations, Product & Services at TRACAB. 

“With the ongoing frustrations surrounding the time-consuming nature of offside call reviews and the need for precise decision-making, we are optimistic that our technology has the potential to enhance and complement the overall experience for officials, broadcasters and fans worldwide.”

The SAOT system is powered by TRACAB’s Gen 6 tracking system and TRU-MOTION technology, which delivers unparalleled accuracy and the lowest latency in capturing player and ball movements. This sophisticated technology elevates the referee experience and ensures precise offside decision-making throughout the entire match.

The report is available to download from FIFA here.

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Certification reports from all vendors can be downloaded here for comparison.

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