Mar 23 2023

Coach Paint is one of the most powerful video analysis tools with more than 40 broadcast-quality outputs (we’re part of the Chyron family -a global leader in broadcast graphic solutions- so, as you can imagine, we have a ton of experience with professional graphics creation and outputs), our AI-powered tools that save our clients’ precious time, and the flexibility enough to fit almost all kind of sports, sizes, and budgets.

We offer our potential clients a 14-day free trial so they can discover with their own eyes what Coach Paint looks like. Everything they can achieve with it.

Here is a testimonial of one of our clients, Fran Fraschilla. FranĀ is an ESPN broadcaster and former college basketball coach. He’s a legend in the college basketball environment, and he has chosen us to make his video analyses’ creation process faster, easier and even funnier:

If you think Coach Paint might be a good fit for your team’s workflow, or if you are a freelancer trying to improve the quality of your analyses while saving time, get a free trial here.