Apr 04 2024

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and I can’t quite believe we’re already moving into the 2nd Quarter of the year.

The team has achieved a lot in Q1, so I wanted to update you on the progress and wins we’ve had so far.

One of the biggest focus areas for our global teams was the level planning that went into SportsInnovation 2024. Completed in late March, in Dusseldorf, the show provides us with a key platform to showcase all of our technology in real-time against a backdrop of live games.


I’m proud to say that the unveiling of TRACAB TRU-MOTION was a real star of the show. With our Gen6 Tracking System installed in the arena, we were able to demo the super-high accuracy and low-level latency of our Skeletal tracking data with real-time 3D visualizations of the exhibition matches.

TRU-MOTION Skeletal Tracking opens up so many possibilities for many stakeholders in the game. On the performance analysis side, coaches can view their matches from any angle or from the point of view of any player, giving them complete 360 degree capabilities and not being limited to fixed camera positions.

For broadcast partners, TRU-MOTION offers new ways that their viewers can consume the action – whether that is via a second screen app, or via pundits in the studio. Not to mention, the new commercial streams this content can provide.

SportsInnovation gave us the opportunity to showcase our latest live automated-event data, complete with exciting real-time graphics. We were also able to tease more of what Q2 and beyond will bring, with The Vault and our SAOT system. More to follow on those in a future update.


Elsewhere in Q1, we have successfully opened up our second MLS season in the US. Providing tracking data across all games, in all venues and working closely with our friends at Sportec Solutions.

Our Coach Paint team has been busy too. With the exciting launch of Coach Paint Lite. We spent time last year evaluating the coaching and telestration market. Our current client-base at an elite level with Coach Paint Pro continues to be strong (welcome to the likes of AIK, Flamengo and Nascar as new clients in Q1, by the way) but we felt there was a gap for Coach Paint at a non-elite level.

Coach Paint Lite aims to fill that gap. With a simpler interface but keeping the essential tools and broadcast quality graphics, Coach Paint Lite is now more accessible to non-elite coaches that might not have the teams, level of expertise or budgets suited for Coach Paint Pro. We can also see CP Lite benefitting the likes of colleges, universities and even content creators.

We have also made it available on a monthly or annual subscription, with that added flexibility being a key piece of feedback from the customer research we conducted. It’s early days of course, and the team has lots of testing and learning to do, but it’s exciting to see.

TRACAB will continue to thrive in Q2 I’m sure, with the planned launch of The Vault, a rebrand of our Horse Tracking System and of course, the next phase of development of TRU-MOTION.

I’ll be back in the summer to let you know how we’ve done.

Martin Brogren