Oct 14 2022

At TRACAB, our customers are our priority. We’re always looking for new ways to save them time and be there when they need us. That’s why we just launched a new communication channel: on our website, you’ll see a messenger button at the down-right corner of the screen.

This messenger contains a sophisticated bot to solve the most frequently asked questions automatically, knowledge articles, and the possibility to speak with the Support Team if the bot can’t answer their questions.

This new way of contact brings autonomy to our clients, so they can now solve their questions fast and 24/7. And we’re incorporating more and more knowledge articles to keep building a robust and useful tool for them.

Besides, we’ve created Instagram and Facebook accounts (in addition to the already existing LinkedIn and Twitter ones) to stay closer to our audience on social media. Follow us to stay updated about our latest releases, different products, new features, and much more!

We also have dedicated emails to help you:
– Coach Paint Sales: coach_paint_sales@tracab.com
– Other TRACAB Products Sales: sales@tracab.com

And remember you can get a 14-day free trial of Coach Paint by filling out this short form.