Feb 20 2023

We know that sometimes it’s difficult to illustrate your ideas so other people can understand exactly what you’re thinking. Especially in the sports industry, where everyone has their own opinion (most of the time biased), and you need to transmit an objective analysis.

At Tracab we hear you. That’s why we incorporated more than 40 broadcast-quality outputs into Coach Paint. Whatever you want to illustrate, you’ll find a tool to do it.

Here are some of the most chosen by our customers:

– Live Speed: it allows you to easily visualize the running speed of a specific player.

– Cursors Linked with Distance: it highlights a formation and the distance between players. You can also use it without showing the distance.

– Light Shaft: it’s useful when you want to highlight a specific player. There are different designs to choose from.

– Arrow Motion Free/Dotted/Free: there are different types of arrows. They allow you to show a pass or the trajectory of a player or the ball.

– Grid: you can put a grid into the field so you can distinguish alignments and formations faster.

– Arrow Tool with Distance: it’s useful when you want to show a pass with its distance. You can also use it just following the ball, without showing the distance.

– Zoom Spot: this tool is one of the most chosen to see a play in detail. It zooms to the player and works in slow motion.

– Cut Out Tool: with this feature, you can cut a player from their original position, and move it wherever you want.

– Trajectory: it allows you to follow and highlight the ball’s trajectory.

It’s important to highlight that all of our features are fully customizable, so you can change their colors and logos easily.

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