Jul 06 2022

We know coaches and analysts don’t have time to spend. That’s why we’re focused on providing them with the most robust tools that can help make their work faster and easier. 

When we launched Coach Paint 9.4, we included a highly requested new feature: the Presentation Window. This new tool allows our users to telestrate live on a clean output while they’re working with our platform on a different device. Do you want to know the best part of it? It’s included in all of our Coach Paint plans, and you can try it for free here!

These are different use cases of the Presentation Window:

– The most common use case would be when you connect your computer to a projector, and while you see the Coach Paint interface on your computer and add graphics and elements, your audience will only see a clean video.


– Besides, you can connect your computer to a TV and it will work just as it works with a projector. Everyone will see the video with a clean output while you’re working on Coach Paint on your computer.


You can also connect to a touchscreen, plugging the touchscreen monitor into your computer and the computer to a projector or a TV. You’ll then be able to work on Coach Paint on your touchscreen monitor, while your audience will see the projection of the clean video.


In case our clients have any doubts, our talented Support Team is always ready to help them.