Dec 16 2022

Technology is one of the best allies when it comes to sports. Nowadays, you can do things that a few years ago were unthinkable. An example of this is advanced video analysis and telestration: you can analyze in depth the performance of your team or competitors, plan strategies and easily present it to your audience.

Knowledge is power. We’ve known it for years, and it has always led us to include new features in Coach Paint so you can engage with your audience and transmit your ideas.

The improvement our clients see, once they start using Coach Paint, is evident. But now there is more: an independent investigation has proven the effectiveness of telestration in aiding memory recall of information. It was made by Jordan Smith, Training Analyst at AFC Bournemouth; Steve Rands, Head of Performance Analysis at Nottingham Forest; Michael Bateman, Lecturer at the University of Worcester; and John Francis, Senior Lecturer at the University of Worcester. It was published by the Sports Innovation Journal, which is aimed at exchanging the latest academic research and practical findings on all aspects of sports innovation; and Training Ground Guru, one of the most prominent sources of information and trends for coaches and analysts.

For the trial, they used a sample of 14 players from the English Championship who covered a range of outfield positions. They conducted five sessions in 15 days with two groups, who were:

– The experimental group of seven players who experienced telestration
– The control group of seven players who didn’t experience telestration

After watching the telestrated or non-telestrated clips, each player had to complete a questionnaire 24 hours later. The questionnaire included questions regarding possession, chances created, and set pieces. 

Some key findings of this investigation

Participants in the telestration group achieved overall recall rates of 84% compared to 52.57% for the non-telestration group.

When it comes to recalling set pieces, the telestration group achieved an 86.86% of information recalled, while the non-telestration group recalled only 48%.

The authors also identified three key trends that they believe could impact not only performance analysis but also coaching pedagogy moving forward:

Understanding your audience

Gen-Z athletes are characterized as having shorter attention spans and a preference for short, simplified, and visually engaging pieces of information. Video telestration meets these educational demands with players’ ability to recall information significantly enhanced by this visually-stimulating format of learning.

Breaking Down Barriers

With more foreign players in the dressing rooms, sometimes language is a barrier. By providing players with visual learning aids, video telestration can help form connections and cognitive cues to help transfer information onto the field of play.


While it may not be practical to telestrate all clips (so you don’t inundate the players with too much information), the research advocates the telestration of key points in order to enhance the players’ recall.


The authors concluded that telestration holds considerable promise within the performance analysis and coaching process. It enhances the knowledge of players and provides match-winning information.

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