Nov 14 2022

Coach Paint is robust software with more than 50 different outputs and features. It allows you to easily transmit your analyses and strategies to your audience without spending too much time in the process.

These are the top 5 most used features:

1- Presentation Window: it allows our users to telestrate live on a clean output while they’re working with our platform on a different device.

2- Automatic Pitch Calibration: it allows placing 3D graphics on the pitch with perspective. Besides, a calibrated pitch allows you to use our AI-powered tools like the automatically measured speed and distance.

3- Automatic Chroma-Key: it gives you the possibility to include graphics below the players (and not in front of them so you can see them more clearly).

4- Our more than 40 broadcast-quality outputs: these graphics help you to illustrate your analysis. Besides, you can include text boxes in case you need to explain something.

5- Multi-Angle Telestration: it saves a great amount of time as the graphics our users place on a clip will also be shown in all the other synced clips, showing the same passage of play from different camera angles.

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See the Automatic Pitch Calibration in action: