Real-time cutting-edge Horse Tracking Data in Norway

Feb 01 2023
New 5-year partnership with the Norwegian Horse Betting Operator

We are delighted to announce a 5-year partnership with Norsk Rikstoto, the Norwegian Horse Betting Operator, to implement our state-of-the-art Horse Tracking System across the major race tracks in Norway.

TRACAB Horse Tracking System (HTS), uses advanced satellite tracking technology via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and real-time radio communications systems to improve data quality, accuracy, and latency in delivering key metrics from live horse races.

TRACAB HTS improves upon existing radio frequency (RF)-based systems by providing faster metrics, delivered with less than 150 ms latency and is scientifically proven to provide centimeter accuracy. This real-time data will drive innovation and insights to broadcasters, betting operators and the racing industry as a whole in Norway. The system will provide insight both live and post-race.

Broadcasters can leverage TRACAB HTS to present real-time metrics such as horse position, speed, and acceleration with modern graphics. Venues, tracks, and horse racing federations can use TRACAB HTS to drive the adoption of automated production and robotic cameras.

Betting companies can use highly accurate race data from the system to generate new ways to play. Finally, TRACAB HTS gives horse owners and trainers detailed reports including paths, speed, and performance with historical data as a reference.

TRACAB HTS marks the next leap in the company’s continual innovation, taking its expertise and reputation developed in Professional Football and applying it to the world of Horse Racing.

“After successful testing in over 1000 races at Bjerke, we are delighted to announce this 5-year partnership with Norsk Rikstoto said Stian Dahl, Head of Wearable Technology at TRACAB.

“This partnership will showcase our passion for driving innovation and achieving the fastest, most accurate Horse Tracking data in the world. We’re excited about how our system can benefit everyone from betting operators and broadcasters”.

“The system makes it easier for our customers to get information, follow the horses and experience the excitement of the race. This solution ensures the attractiveness of our product” said André Heibo-Tuverud, CMO at Norsk Rikstoto.

Martin Brogren, General Manager at TRACAB added; “We’re really excited about this long-term partnership with Norsk Rikstoto. It is a great example of how TRACAB works with sporting organizations to develop and innovate our tracking technologies. This has been a truly collective process with both parties collaborating to develop something really special”.




TRACAB HTS is a complete tracking system built on three key components:

● Lightweight wearable transponder tags

● Base stations that receive GNSS data from the tags

● The cloud-based TRACAB Gateway server that processes and outputs live, real-time data for broadcasting and betting


TRACAB HTS can be deployed quickly and easily at a track or venue to support races with as many as 40 horses per event. Metrics captured and delivered by TRACAB HTS include:

● Timestamps for distance and sectionals

● Global coordinates (latitude, longitude, and height)

● Local coordinates (X, Y, and Z)

● Speed

● Gallop indicator for harness racing to enhance broadcast output and assist referee workflow


TRACAB HTS will be implemented across major race tracks in Norway. If you’d like to get more information about this product, please email