Oct 21 2022

This satellite-based system improves data quality and metrics for in-venue and live broadcast/content production, betting, and post-race analysis. This is possible because TRACAB HTS uses advanced satellite tracking technology via GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and real-time radio communications systems to improve data quality, accuracy, and latency in delivering key metrics from live horse races

TRACAB HTS improves upon existing radio frequency (RF)-based systems by providing faster metrics, delivered with less than 150 ms latency and is scientifically proven to provide centimeter accuracy

TRACAB HTS marks the next leap in TRACAB’s continual innovation, taking its expertise developed in association football and professional soccer and applying it to the world of horse racing.

“Tested successfully in 1,000 races, the system delivers unparalleled results in real time with high accuracy and low latency,” said Stian Dahl, head of wearable technology at TRACAB. “This very robust system is sure to impress users across live broadcast, at the venue, or in post-race analysis.” 

Technical Information

TRACAB HTS is a complete tracking system built on three key components: 
– Lightweight (100g) wearable transponder tags
– Base stations that receive GNSS data from the tags
– The cloud-based TRACAB Gateway server that processes and outputs live, real-time data for broadcasting and betting

TRACAB HTS can be deployed quickly and easily at a track or venue to support races with as many as 40 horses per event. Metrics captured and delivered by TRACAB HTS include:
– Timestamps for distance and sectionals 
– Global coordinates (latitude, longitude, and height) 
– Local coordinates (X, Y, and Z)
– Speed

Near future development will also see Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU) outputs including factors such as acceleration and deceleration, as well as event detection including gallop indicators such as step counts and changes in step frequency.

Who can benefit from TRACAB Horse Tracking System (HTS)

Broadcasters can leverage TRACAB HTS to present real-time metrics such as horse position, speed, and acceleration with modern graphics. Venues, tracks, and horse racing federations can use TRACAB HTS to drive the adoption of automated production and robotic cameras. Betting companies can use highly accurate race data from the system to generate new ways to play. Finally, TRACAB HTS gives horse owners and trainers detailed reports including heat maps, speed, and performance with historical data as a reference.

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