MELVILLE, N.Y.Mar. 2, 2021 — Tracab, a ChyronHego brand, today announced the release of Coach Paint 8.2, the company’s popular sports-agnostic coaching analysis software. Version 8.2 enhances Coach Paint with improved timeline features, more robust formation visualization, upgrades to flash detection, and the introduction of the all-new Coach Paint Training Ground, a mobile tool that makes telestration and video review immediately available to coaching teams before, during, and after a match. 

Coach Paint Training Ground provides access to Coach Paint software through a 1-input, 1-output mobile platform that allows coaching teams to instantly telestrate video of plays, highlight coaching points, and review plays. Designed for intuitive use during live play, Coach Paint Training Ground brings a new dimension to coaching and in-game decision-making. 

As the most widely used video analysis software in professional sport, Coach Paint comes complete with an array of digital tools suited to help coaches to visualize formations and players to improve positional awareness. Using graphics and techniques familiar from live sports broadcast and analysis shows, the Tracab software gives coaching staff more detailed and digestible insights.

Whether coaches are on the go or in the stadium, Coach Paint’s touch screen connectivity allows for greater flexibility with iPad- and second device-centered workflows. It can also be customized to incorporate unique graphics, effects, and other elements that make painted clips more relatable and memorable for players during post-game analysis. Teams can use the software to create a themed highlight reel to re-emphasize the great job players did during that game or to generate a series of clips visualizing instances in which players were out of position.

“Coach Paint is used worldwide by a large number of sports teams that are largely measured by their success,” said David Eccles, Senior Sales Director at Tracab. “Providing convenient access to state-of-the-art telestration and visualization technology, Coach Paint is helping sports teams be more successful in training and in games. The potential of Coach Paint and Coach Paint Training Ground for sports teams is unrivalled, and we are constantly pushing boundaries within the professional sports domain to ensure our clients have the opportunity to increase their chances of winning through technology.”