Forward-thinking DFB understands the importance of consistent data

Nov 01 2021
'Speed', 'accuracy' and now 'consistency' for the German national team data

When it comes to sports tracking data, accuracy and speed are the key elements that professional analysts look for. But consistency across those data sets can be difficult to achieve, with senior, U-teams and women’s teams often playing at different venues, with differing standards of technology available.

This is something that the Deutscher Fuss-Ball Bund (DFB) has identified as a challenge. At TRACAB, we’re delighted to provide the solution. TRACAB’s Gen-5 data tracking system can provide that consistency, allowing analysts to evaluate player performance and development with high accuracy across all levels.

The DFB will use TRACAB technology to collect position data from matches for all senior Germany national teams and the annual DFB-Pokal competition. TRACAB will capture video from camera systems installed at match venues and a state-of-the-art mobile tracking system at uninstalled venues. TRACAB will provide highly accurate data to monitor and analyze team and player performances in the most consistent manner possible.

The TRACAB system is able to capture player positioning at multiple times per second, with centimeter accuracy. This data not only reflects player position but also enables calculation of speed, distance and direction of play. These metrics empower sports analysts to facilitate deeper insights and optimize physical and tactical performance.

When thinking about player and squad development over time, the DFB recognizes the importance of taking a consistent view. The DFB analysts and coaches can benchmark performances with the same data-view of an U18 player, to that of a senior pro in the full national squad. This provides an exciting level of detail on squad-building and succession planning as players move up the ranks.

“The DFB national teams have been using position data for several years, and thanks to our collaboration with TRACAB, we’re now able to standardize data sets from across the Bundesliga, the DFB Cup, and our national teams. This means that for the first time, we can carry out comparable evaluations across all of our national teams and better classify and control the development of our national players.”  Christofer Clemens, Head of Scouting, Match Analysis and Diagnosis, DFB.

“The implementation of TRACAB data for all national team games – men, women and youth – is synonymous with complete data consistency across all games. Germany is the first country to have data at this level, and we are very proud to provide this range of data and analysis as part of our cooperation with the DFB.” David Eccles, Co-General Manager, TRACAB.

For more information on how TRACAB’s technologies can take your analysis to the next-level, get in touch with the team.