Apr 02 2023

Being a sports coach or video analyst is not an easy job. Match after match, the goal remains the same: win and improve. And, to do that, you need to always have the bigger picture in your mind: analyze individual and team’s performance, next rivals, strengths and weakness (from your team and your rivals), among many other things you need to consider to plan your strategy.

And, once you have the strategy in your mind, one of the most difficult things is to communicate it effectively to the team. You have little time between matches, and you need them to fully understand you fast so they can start working on that strategy.

Coach Paint is a video analysis software developed exactly for that reason: it saves you time with AI-powered tools, while you can easily illustrate your ideas with our more than 40 broadcast-quality outputs. And that’s not all, you can also make a multi-angle telestration in just minutes, customize it with your club’s badges and colors, and telestrate it live to your audience.

Besides, the effectiveness of telestration in aiding memory recall of information has been proven a few months ago in research published by Sports Innovation Journal and Training Ground Guru:
– Participants in the telestration group achieved overall recall rates of 84% compared to 52.57% for the non-telestration group.
– When it comes to recalling set pieces, the telestration group achieved an 86.86% of information recalled, while the non-telestration group recalled only 48%.

Since time is short between games, improving the memory recall of information is key. So, with Coach Paint, you save time while you’re doing your analysis and planning your strategy, and you’re also saving time while explaining it efficiently to the players.

If you want to discover all the benefits Coach Paint can bring to your club or team, get a 14-day free trial today by signing up here. Watch just some of our most popular broadcast-quality outputs: