Jul 19 2021

Aside from physical preparation, an important part of game day preparation is tactical. Successful tactical preparation for every team member involves understanding the opposition, understanding the player’s own role and strategies and understanding the overall strategy and performance of the team. High performing coaches and teams can utilize the latest technology tools to inform and convey strategy.

Coach Paint provides an excellent toolset for coaches and players to engage interactively in tactical match preparation. Offering objective visualization, Coach Paint allows players to learn from illustrated replays of what has actually occurred in games or in practice. By seeing exactly what has occurred, through replay, or what should happen, through virtual lineups, many players quickly accelerate their training. Numerous studies show that about 65% of the population are visual learners, rather than tactile or auditory learners. (shiftlearning.com, 2014).  Additionally,  when visuals are involved, learning may improve up to 400%. Thus tools that enable visual learning, such as Coach Paint are ideal for top-performing teams.

“Coach Paint really revolutionized the way we’ve looked at our analysis this year,” said Melissa Phillips, Head Coach of the London City Lionesses. “We feel that Coach Paint has really accelerated our players’ learning, in being able to paint the picture of what we’re trying to execute.”

Learn more about how the London City Lionesses use Coach Paint to improve their tactical training and continue to find those areas for incremental improvement.