Aug 15 2023

Did you know that with Coach Paint, one of the most popular video analysis tools, you can digitally remove the opposing team from the field?

Watch a short example:

And learn how to do it in just a couple of clicks:

As you can see, it’s something really easy to do, and there are several benefits our clients obtain by using this kind of strategy. These are just a few of them:

A Deeper Grasp of Tactical Dynamics

Coach paint allows coaches and analysts to make a detailed breakdown of gameplay. By removing the opposing team from the field in video analysis, you can isolate your team’s movements and strategies. By doing this, you can highlight the intricate tactical dynamics of the game, empowering your team with insights into positioning, ball movement, and player coordination.

Focused Evaluation of Skills

When the opposing team is removed from the analysis, the spotlight shifts entirely to your team’s performance. Allowing you can evaluate your players’ skills, contributions, decision-making, and execution, identifying strengths and areas of improvement.

Enhanced Visualization of Strategies

Deleting the opposing team from the field presents a unique opportunity to visualize your team’s strategies with unparalleled clarity. With more than 40 broadcast-quality outputs, Coach Paint allows you, among many other things, to draw annotations, arrows and highlight pitch zones and players directly on the video, helping you illustrate specific movement patterns, passing sequences, and formations. This visual representation aids in effectively communicating tactical instructions to your team, leading to quicker comprehension and seamless strategy implementation.┬áLast year, an investigation proved the effectiveness of telestration in aiding memory recall of information. You can learn more about it here.

The improvement possibilities for your team with Coach Paint are endless. Get a 14-day free trial here and witness it with your own eyes.